Casa Bonita Peruvian Hand-Painted Carved Wood Palazzo Coffee Table

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Casa Bonita Home Furnishings Peruvian Wood Coffee Table.

Hand-carved and hand-painted finishes by master artisans make this table truly a work of art. Beautifully designed for Old World, Tuscan, Mediterranean, French Country and Spanish Hacienda style living rooms. Please allow up to 16 weeks for delivery if the item is not in stock. 

*Complimentary White Glove Delivery

*Finish Old World White

*Measurements 62”W x 41”D x 21”H

*Casa Bonita Home Furnishings are available in an array of hand-painted finishes.

*Custom orders please call or text 855.223.3267


Ready to elevate your living room ambiance? Dive into a world of elegance with our Peruvian Wood Coffee Table. Expertly hand-carved and meticulously hand-painted by master artisans, this table isn't just a piece of furniture—it's a statement, a conversation starter, and a work of art.

Imagine the exquisite detailing of Old World charm, the romantic allure of Tuscan sunsets, the opulence of the Mediterranean shores, the warmth of a French Country cottage, and the distinct charisma of a Spanish Hacienda—all infused into one breathtaking table. With its Old World White finish, it seamlessly blends with various classical settings, making it the ideal centerpiece for your living space.

Key Details:

  • Dimensions: Spacious at 62”W x 41”D x 21”H, it's more than just a table; it's the heart of your room.
  • Delivery: Patience pays off! If it's not readily in stock, please allow up to 16 weeks for delivery. And guess what? We'll handle it with utmost care, courtesy of our Complimentary White Glove Delivery service.
  • Variety: While you're in love with our Old World White finish, don't forget that Casa Bonita Home Furnishings come in an assortment of hand-painted finishes. There's something for every unique taste.

So, are you ready to turn your living room into a space that echoes tales from a world far, far away? Dive in, and let the Casa Bonita experience transform your home today.

Casa Bonita Peruvian Hand-Painted Carved Wood Palazzo Coffee Table