Kashwere Ultra Plush Slate Waffle Weave Queen Blanket

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If you prefer an airy, lightweight feel but are still coveting the ultra-cozy softness of Kashwére, you’ll fall in love with our Waffle Weave Queen Blanket.

As fluffy and warm as homemade belgian waffles, this throw feels like brunch on a Sunday morning. (Hold the syrup!) Knit from our signature super-soft Chenilla™ yarn, the intricate ribbed waffle weave pattern gracefully adds texture to any room you place it in. A perfect fit for a full or queen size bed, it can also be draped across your king size bed to achieve that effortlessly layered look and add a touch of elegance. Looking for a mini room makeover? Pair your Waffle Weave Queen Blanket with our matching Waffle Weave Kashwére Pillows for an effortlessly coordinated look! This cozy Kashwére blanket also makes a great gift for couples who love to cuddle. When you gift Kashwére, you give a gift that will never be re-gifted.

About This Product

  • Size: 70” x 90”
  • Material: Chenilla™
  • Weave: Lightweight
  • Easy Care: Get the feel of cashmere without the fuss

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Kashwere Ultra Plush Slate Waffle Weave Queen Blanket