Kashwere Ultra Soft Creme with Linen 20 x 20 Plush Check Pillow

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Whether your bed could use an extra kiss of marshmallowy softness, or your sofa is longing for more angelic plushness, the Check Pillow will effortlessly elevate any space.

If you’re looking for a soft place to land, the Check Pillow is sure to tick all the boxes! If you’re a fan of our iconic Cloud Throw you’ll definitely love the ultra-plush, double-stuffed feel of the Check Pillow. Knit from our signature Chenilla™ yarn, you’ll get the unmatched coziness of Kashwére, now in a pillow! Plus, the iconic 4”x4” contrasting checker pattern effortlessly elevates any room of your home and creates a warm, inviting ambiance. Pair it with a Check Throw or another Check Pillow in a contrasting color for a mixed-and-matched, carefree look. Our hypoallergenic plush pillow inserts offer the feel and luxurious experience of the finest down that will please even the pickiest of pillow connoisseurs. As a part of our newest collection, the Check Pillow is sure to be a checkmate, so treat yourself today.

About This Product

  • Sizes: 20”x20”
  • Material: Chenilla™
  • Weave: Ultra-Plush
  • Hypoallergenic Plush Pillow Inserts
  • Easy Care: Get the feel of cashmere without the fuss


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Kashwere Ultra Soft Creme with Linen 20 x 20 Plush Check Pillow